2014 Toyota Avensis – Price and Release date

Toyota Avensis is a mid-size sedan launched in 1997. Since then it has been built in Derbyshire in United Kingdom, by Toyota Europe department of Toyota Motors. On European market it replaced Corina E model. 2014 Toyota Avensis comes in three versions, as classic family sedan, as a hatchback with shared passenger and cargo compartments and as a station wagon. There is also a ,large mini-van with a simmilar body called Toyota Avensis Verso. It is built in Japan on a different platform. Avensis is not avaliable in United States, but there is a simmilar vehicle that shares Avensis platform called Toyota Scion TC. Toyota Premio and Toyota Allion also share the same platform with Toyota Avensis.

Styling – Interior and Exterior

One of the main task of exterior designer team that built Toyota Avensis was to minimize Japanese influences in this vehicle’s design and to increace European feel. Before starting their work on new Avensis exterior Japanese enginers spent some time in Europe trying to pick up an idea for making new Avensis exterior. That huge effort payed off so Toyota Avensis looks as European as some of the Volkswagen or Peugeot models.
2014 Toyota Avensis side view
When it comes to fron part new Avensis comes with low and smooth bonnet’s leading edge, low front, crushable space behind the grille and bumper. In the rear it is very easy to notice a character line around the rear bumper, which goes around taillights to and therefore is visually connecting taillights and bumper with the body of the car.
2014 Toyota Avensis
Interior design of the new Avensis looks like we imagine interior design of armored vehicle, solid and indestructible. Interior design is in dark tones mainly with very obvious contrast. There aren’t too many surprises when it comes to dashboard, everything looks little bit plain and too conservative. Some online reviewers noticed that some of controls are in the wrong place, and hard to get for example rotary heating or mirror controls. There were also some complaints about the seat comfort, especially when going on longer rides. In standard package of 2014 Toyota Avensis you get: air-condition, a USB, Bluetooth connectivity and a leather-trimmed steering wheel, which is quite a good offer, especially with some leather on top.
2014 Toyota Avensis interior

2014 Toyota Avensis Engine

2014 Toyota Avensis comes with 1,8 litre Valvematic petrol engine, there is also a diesel version with 2,0 litre diesel engine that can be paired with automatic transmission. There is a bigger diesel engine too, it’s a 2,2 D-4D, and its specs are little bit better then the last two mentioned engines. Toyota Avensis with 2,2 D-4D, goes from 0 to 60 mph in 8,6 seconds, which is a great result. It also comes with 250 pound feet of torque.
2014 Toyota Avensis side 3
All the Toyota Avensis engines come with average fuel efficiency of 43 mpg in combined city and highway conditions and with 152 g/km of CO2 emissions.

Release date and Price

Price of 2014 Toyota Avensis goes from $32,000 to $42,000 if bought in Britain, but the price goes up when you add shipment costs and custom fees.

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