2015 Infiniti Q80 Inspiration Concept

New Concept car have introduced as 2015 Infiniti Q80 Inspiration. Infiniti is, for a long time considered a luxury brand which was actually its main purpose. Times are changing and people down in Nissan’s luxury lineup decided to start introducing some very powerful and downright gorgeous models as concepts. Will they make production, it is uncertain, but Q80 flagship sedan which debuted at the 2014 Paris Motor Show would be quite a refreshment, of course in slightly revised form.

Engine range

Powertrain which consists of a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 engine and an electric motor delivers a net hybrid output of around 550 horsepower and should be the prototype of new echelon of engines Infiniti plans to introduce in the next couple of years. With these power, this is one of the best hybrid cars. First test drive for this car hasn’t been done.

Design – Interior and Exterior

Exterior design is sublime-looking, yet too much futuristic to be production ready. Front end with large open-mouth grille and thin triangular headlights on a long-nose, chiseled hood looks like it belongs to 2030. Air inlets behind the front wheels and sharp door creases just aren’t made for a mainstream sedan, and suicide doors which the prototype has also won’t make production.

Rear end features a nice-looking bumper and thin tail-lights, but power moonroof which finishes in sharp arrow shape would limit the outward visibility way too much. Basically, Q80 is a full-size sedan which is much lower than the cars of its size usually are and has many supercar’s features which can’t make it to production, at least not in this world.

2015 Infiniti Q80 interior

Interior is beyond contemporary, and just like any other concept vehicle, Q80 also comes bare-boned. Cabin is furbished with leather all-over and you’ll be hard-pressed to find an uncovered spot. Even the dash itself is as soft as butter and tilted towards the driver. Controls are nowhere to be found, and all you need can be accessed via tablet-like touch screen which sits conveniently where the shifters are usually found. How good this move is, can be discussed as drivers wouldn’t be able to pay attention to the road while tumbling over their touch screen which is so low to the ground.

2015 Infiniti Q80 Inspiration Concept Price details

Hybrid powertrain which allows both rear and all-wheel drive is estimated at 42.8 mpg. This kind of fuel efficiency is great for a full-size car, but the numbers in the real world would surely drop. Since Q80 most likely won’t make production, people down in Infiniti didn’t bother to calculate its price. However, if future brings a flagship sedan based on Q80. don’t expect to get it for less than $60,000.

Q80 stands, or rather would stand above the Q70 models which are the current flagship sedans in Infiniti’s lineup. This potent hybrid concept will most likely be the role model for new large sedan which could make production in next couple of years.

The key competitors of this edition are: BMW 7 Series are Audi A8. As conclusion, we can say that 2015 Infiniti Q80 Inspiration is more powerful, more comfortable, and safer car than others rivals in their class. Also,  it should say that is very efficient car. But some of weakness is limited production and this is only concept car, for now.

Additional details:

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