2015 Nissan Silvia s16 Design and Price

2015 Nissan Silvia s16, a 2+2 door coupe of the past already was revived at some point, and could be again if rumors are true. Original Silvia featured from 1965 to 1968 and again from 1975 until 2002 when it was finally discotinued. Last model S15 was exclusively available in Japan, even though previous models could be bought throughout the World. After the economic recession, Nissan finaly consolidated its resources and S16, Silvia’s direct successor could be on the cards.

For now, it seams that Silvia will be moved by a 1.6L turbocharged I4 engine which would bring at least 188 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. However, don’t be surprised if itgets 2.0L or even bigger powertrain in order to fulfill its RWD potential to the max.

2015 Nissan Silvia s16 Design

Old boxy low-profile Silvia is a thing of the past, and of that, there’s no doubt. However, Nissan’s drawing board could bring a few nostalgic parts for the 240 SX enthusiasts. Official photos are still unavailable, but some renderings show that next-gen Silvia will keep a low profile, but with much more upscale and contemporary look. In that light, expect Nissan’s trademark grille and sharp set of lights with roundy and pronounced fenders.
2015 Nissan Silvia s16
Interior will be offered with modern materials and furbishings, but will be more support-oriented than it is usual. This sporty coupe will, however offer some degree of comfort, and, depending on a trim levels available, might offer some upscale details. In fact, Silvia’s interior might look a lot like 370Z’s interior since they are supposed to be siblings when Silvia comes off the factory lines, or at least the closest friends. Difference is in couple more available seats in S16 which might be a little tight, but still count for something. Since all modern vehicles get an infotainment system, Silvia should also be offered with a touch screen and available navigation. Safety features will be standard, with full airbag system, stability and traction controls, ABS with auto brake and some optional features like rearview camera and possibly blind spot monitors.
2015 Nissan Silvia s16 2
Fuel consumption directly depends from a powertrain choice. 1.6L turbocharger should offer solid fuel economy ratings in high twenties miles per galon in the city and mid thirties mpg on the highway.

Price of 2015 Nissan Silvia s16

Used Silvia’s still keep the price high and this is the best indicator of how good a car it once was. When new model arrives it will be positioned in the lineup below the mentioned 370Z and should be offered for a price tag that will span between low and mid twenties region.
2015 Nissan Silvia s16 rear view
2015 Nissan Silvia S16 should offer the same extremely good RWD performance its predecessors were known for. However, new design and contemporary features might be strange to the old enthusiasts, but are a must in the second decade of the 21st century.

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