2015 Nissan z35 – Release date and Specs

Nissan’s Z line was throughout history one of the most loved sports car lines in existence. Ever since first Fairlady Z appeared in 1969, Nissan amassed a huge following which only grew as time passed by. However, not everything was pink, and neither one of newer Z cars achieved iconic status that first models had. Last so far, 370Z is another example of this fact. However, it seems that Nissan returns to the roots as new 2015 Nissan Z35 will get a new retro body frame that should return Fairlady to the paths of its former glory.

2015 Nissan z35 Engine range

Beside new framework, Z35 might get a new powertrain. For the first time in its history, Z line might be moved by a 4-cylinder engine as 2.5L turbocharged 330 hp engine is seen as a gereat choice for price lowering and better fuel efficiency. Of course, old V6 engines aren’t out of the picture just yet and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Z35 was made available with both options.
2015 Nissan z35

Styling – Exterior and Interior

Concerning exterior, Z35 will get a new body to replace the outgoing sluggish-looking chassis of current Z370. Longer nose with new headlights and sharper finish will be the part that should resemble old models the most. Out back, falling roof and short deck will remain as they became the trademark of Z line.


As far as interior is concerned, new Z35 will most likely highly resemble its predecessor, but since it’ll have different body structure, changes are unavoidable. Sport coupe will keep cloth ergonomic or leather appointed seats and small steering wheel. Roundy dashboard will keep similar design, and so will available features remain almost unchanged. However, there’s still more than enough time for them to be changed or get upgraded, so it is still uncertain if a 7-inch touch screen monitor with hard drive navigation, or premium Bose sound system will be kept. Beside standard batch of airbags complemented by stability and traction controls, ABS, auto brakes and optional rearview camera, Z35 might also get advanced electronic safety features like blind spot monitors, rear cross-traffic alerts or others.
2015 Nissan z35 side veiw

Fuel efficiency

Fuel economy ratings should jump considerably with a new 4-cylinder engine and mediocre 21 mpg combined will become a thing of the past. Even V6 engines, if Nissan decides to keep them should yield much better numbers thanks to the use of lightweight materials and new aerodynamic design.

2015 Nissan z35 Price details

Price range, however should remain unchanged and expect to pay around $30,000 for a base Z35, while top models could cost more than $40,000.
2015 Nissan z35 duo

Release date

Nissan Z35, a next-gen Z line vehicle should come to the dealers as early as of late 2015. There’s still a lot of things about it shrouded in mystery, but one thing is for certain, it will be as good as ever, if not better.

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