2015 Pontiac Trans Am

In recent months, there are a lot of false news about new 2015 Pontiac Trans Am. Here is the real truth about it. It was a sad day when we saw the last Pontiac Firebird Trans Am exiting the assembly line back in 2002. Less than a decade after, Pontiac badge also ceased to exist and now it seems, there’s no way we’re ever going to be able to buy one.

However, apart from second hand option, Trans Am’s legacy allows it to be available as a new car as well. There’s a catch, of course, but a Firebird lover will take anything at this point. Luckily for them, 2015 Pontiac Trans Am isn’t some scrap-assembled copy of its former glory; it’s a legitimate pony car, redesigned in order to resemble true Firebird.

To clarify; there’s a plethora of news about the new model which are absolute rubbish. For starters, the model doesn’t exist, and the Pontiac badge too followed in its footsteps. There are custom made versions made by small houses like Trans Am depot, Hurst, Kevin Morgan Designs or Trans Am Worldwide. They usually use one of easily available current pony cars like Chevrolet Camaro (which always shared the platform with Firebird), and convert it into Trans Am with lot of hard work and resources.

Poor Camaro gets stripped of most of its parts in order to become Firebird. There are those who customize and fix older, second hand models as well, and they do a good job at that. When you consider all this, world doesn’t look like such a gloomy place for a Trans Am lover. Possibilities still exist; you just have to look harder in order to recognize them.

As for specifications, things are self-explanatory here. Most of these cars are fully overhauled and can get any engine you wish for (if it fits pony car aspirations, that is). Older, restored models usually come with original engines, but still get some special, custom upgrades in order to compete with today’s cars and in order to fulfill current regulations.

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Design

Design is generally at mercy of a house which does the remake. Still, they know what and how to do it, and deliver sheer poetry in motion. 2015 Pontiac Trans Am from Trans Am depot really resembles its predecessors. Split-grille, dual circular headlamps and even phoenix on the hood are all here. Still, there’s a lot of room for experimentation and this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Some restored Trans Am’s look even better now, with these extra touches. Even more room for customization exists in car’s interior.

This really depends on both manufacturers’ choice and vision, and customer’s price range. Things usually go like this: plenty of leather embroidered with custom made phoenixes and no-nonsense sporty dashboard which resembles the one from Firebird’s last generation. With all this in mind, prices can really soar high. There’s plenty of handwork here, and even more materials which are used.

There are no uniformed prices, but expect to pay at least double the price of regular, entry-level muscle car. Of course, prices are usually even higher.

2015 Pontiac Trans Am fron 4

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Badge

2015 Pontiac Trans Am is still alive, even though its Badge was axed. If this doesn’t speak volumes about its legacy, we don’t know what does. Trans Am Depot remains the only house with license to use the Trans Am moniker, and while they, and other, above mentioned houses exist, this car will not be forgotten.

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