2016 BMW i9

BMW is focusing more and more of their resources to production of hybrid and all-electric cars. They are also doing it quite fast as i3 arrived in late 2013 and i8 a year after. Another year will pass before 2016 BMW i9 hits the streets, and at this pace, one can only wonder what’s in store for us in foreseeable future?

Under the Hood

While i8 has the design of contemporary BMW’s sports car and small, fuel-efficient powertrain, i9 will offer similar body style, albeit with larger power output, but with still quite good fuel economy ratings. New BMW’s mill intended for next generation of BMW 7 series should find its spot in 2016 BMW i9 too. This means that i9 will be slightly short of becoming a supercar thanks to a turbo 3.0L V6 engine and strong electric motor which should elevate its power output to above-500 category.

Styling – Interior and Exterior

There’s no secret that new model will be based upon i8. However, it’ll also offer plenty of its own unique visual details which should distance it from its role model. Like the whole BMW i lineup if we can call it that since it consists only of two vehicles so far, 2016 BMW i9 will share new blue-bound dual-rectangular signature grille and thin sharp headlights. It is interesting to see whether Germans will extend it and make it a 5-door vehicle or will they keep it a coupe. What seems as a sure thing at this point is the carryover of upward-opening doors, while i9 is bound to get its own rear end signature details.

Interior will be furbished with high-class soft-touch surfaces, there’s no doubt about it. Premium leather seats, and even Nappa or Alcantara options seem as a reasonable choice, while contemporary cabin should come in two-tone colorway with plenty of wood or carbon fiber veneers. Velour floor mats are just another example of how everything can be soft if price is right. Otherwise, i9 will carry the same 6.5-inch floating touch screen display found in rest of the lineup which allows its users quick and easy access to all infotainment features.

2016 BMW i9 side view

2019 BMW i9 will be fitted with Bluetooth and USB connectivity options, together with advanced navigation, HD and satellite radio, and premium audio system. Safety features will be rather standard and i9 won’t offer anything special besides new laser headlamp technology, at least in Europe as National Highway Traffic Safety Administration still didn’t approve it in the U.S.A.

2016 BMW i9 interior 2

2016 BMW i9 Price and MPG

As powertrain isn’t yet configured, i9’s fuel economy ratings can only be guessed upon at this point, but apart from 15 or so miles of all-electric range, this modern vehicle should save you money spent on gas whatever its final numbers prove to be. When it finally comes out, don’t expect it to cost less than $150,000 since even i8 costs almost as much.

2016 BMW i9 interior

2016 BMW I9 is a good way to celebrate a century of production for the Bavarian manufacturer. This modern hybrid vehicle clearly shows us the path which most of cars will undertake in next couple of decades or so.

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