2016 BMW M2

BMW unveiled a new coupe car, the latest 2016 BMW M2. There are a few models across the BMW’s range which can implement sportier package than one offered as stock option, but proper M badge is reserved for few only. 2016 BMW M2 will become the smallest Bavarian car with this kind of performance and promises to hit straight at Audi RS3 or Mercedes-Benz CLA45 alike.

2016 BMW M2 Engine

Proof that M2 is serious comes from what will most likely be its engine. Even though it’s a compact car, 2016 BMW M2 won’t be powered by 4-cylinder engine (even a turbo one). 3.0L inline-six twin-turbo engine will be its mill and should offer figures north of 400 for both horses and rotational force. This should make the small coupe more than potent on the road. Moreover, expect transmission options similar to those in larger M3 and M4 models which means mandatory 6-speed manual and optional 7-speed dual-clutch automatic.

This vehicle hits max speed around 155 mph. As far as acceleration, 60 mph, new M2 reaches for less than 4.2 seconds.

Styling – Inside and Outside look

So, what will new M2 look like? It will be petite, low and, well, BMW. Small, but signature split grille with thin, contemporary headlights will make the backbone of frontal fascia, while sporty bumper will be mostly transparent thanks to all the air intakes. This car is basically something between coupe and sedan. It’ not exactly a coupe, even though it features 2 doors, but it isn’t sedan either even though rear end features an overhang. Speaking of which, M2’s behind gets rather short tail-lights, designed according to trunk lid’s requirements, and a modern bumper without unnecessary details.

Expect a compact, but spacious cabin with many high-end features. For starters, 2016 BMW M2 most likely won’t be offered with fabric cloth upholstery. It should benefit from a few different kinds of leather upholsteries including suede or Alcantara inserts. Furthermore, some wood accents are possible as well, but aluminum replacements will most likely be standard. Touch screen display is supposed to pop out of the hood, but there’s still no info about its size or additional accompanying features.

We can guess, however, that feature list will be similar to one in M3, but still somewhat limited compared to it. Apart from mandatory safety systems which include standard and additional airbags, anti-lock brakes and stability control, 2016 BMW M2 is supposed to offer camera and active parking systems, together with active blind spot detection.

2016 BMW M2 Price and MPG

Just like its larger siblings, 2016 BMW M2 will likely return similar fuel economy figures. However, EPA still hasn’t rated any of these models which means that we’ll remain in the dark for some time. However, rough estimates can be tracked to low-to-mid twenties.

Considering the fact that there’s not much difference between starting prices of M3 and M4, there’s no need to doubt that new M2 will follow similar routine. It will most likely be offered for a little less than $60,000.

2016 BMW M2 main

Audi S3 and Mercedes CLA45 AMG are the biggest rivals.

2016 BMW M2 is supposed to enrich the M performance division of Bavarian automaker and become its most affordable and smallest option. However, this doesn’t mean that performance will be affected by car’s size. To the contrary, M2 will receive the same, powerful mill which moves M3 and M4, and that speaks volumes about its performance.

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