2016 Citroen DS5

The new 2016 Citroen DS5 brings small changes and new features. It seems that DS luxury division experiment was successful since second generation of Citroen DS5 (and other DS models) carries forward on their own.

The thing is that they were branded as Citroen DS’, but have subsequently lost their parent’s badge in the process of becoming independent. 2016 Citroen DS5 continues where its redesigned predecessor left off and brings well-known premium refinement that French are capable of producing.

2016 Citroen DS5 Engine range

Not only DS5 is more upscale than other Citroens, it also offers plenty of powertrain choices including hybrid system. Base, and only petrol engine is 1.6L turbo four making no less than 200 horses, while hatchback also receives couple of diesel options. There’s a base diesel unit which makes 115 horsepower and has a displacement of 1.6L as well. Finally, 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel mill which puts up 160 hp is paired with an electric motor around the back which raises the total output to 200 horses.

6-speed automatic gearbox is most widespread across the line, but all this works if you live in U.K. Other markets (and there’s plenty of them) can get up to three more powertrain options raising the number of choices to six different units.

Design – Interior and Exterior

As we have mentioned above, new lineup of DS division drops the Citroen badge altogether. Apart from that, 2016 Citroen DS5 looks more like the models produced exclusively for Chinese market. Frontal fascia features small hexagonal grille with chromed DS badge upon it, C-shaped foglight housings and large, laid-back headlamps. There’s also a chrome garnish which stretches across the headlamps and finishes at the front quarter window’s border.

Midsection gives us another large chrome side skirt and wagon/crossover-like roofline. Around the back, DS5 exhibits its most conventional part where only low rear window catches the eye.

2016 Citroen DS5  top 2

Inside look

DS5’s interior is pretty much the most refined cabin you’ll see from French manufacturer. Comfortable, multi-layered leather seats have been combined with huge, soft dashboard which is melted with instrument panel and central tunnel. Cockpit-like cabin takes its toll around the back, however, where larger passengers might exhibit a slight lack of room.

There’s no need to list all DS5’s features as it offers quite a long list which should suit pretty much everyone. We have to offer some constructive criticism, however. Even though cabin is extremely well finished and refined, there’s a huge difference between entry-level models and top grades in terms of refinement.

2016 Citroen DS5 Price and MPG

It doesn’t come as a surprise that hybrid is the most efficient model in the lineup. It offers 83 mpg on European relaxed NEDC cycle. Other models are also very effective and surpass the 50 mpg mark, but EPA would certainly have something to say about this.

However, since 2016 Citroen DS5 doesn’t come to the U.S., they won’t get the chance to do that. You can find base models from £21,500, while hybrid grades cost at least £33,000.

2016 Citroen DS5 is yet another European wagon which doesn’t come to the states. Its premium refinement, unconventional design and hybrid powertrain would be a fine refreshment in North American markets, but it just wasn’t destined to be.

2016 Citroen DS5

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