2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version

A special edition only for China market named 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version has been presented at Auto Show in Shanghai. The current generation of the Taurus has been regarded as a heavy and not that great car to drive which offered a lot of interior space but it was not really worth the money. In order to solve that, Ford promised an all new model based on a new platform with new engines.

Well, this model was finally launched a couple of months ago but it has not been launched on the US market as many of us expected it to but it has been released on the Chinese market at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version is an all new model which has nothing in common with the older car besides its looks. It is based on a longer Ford Fusion platform so it finally managed to ditch the old Volvo platform which was both heavy and not that rigid. This new platform is 50 to 100% more rigid and it is also lighter by a sizable margin. It should allow the car to be more efficient, safer in case of a crash as well as better to drive.

Under the Hood

Engine wise, the 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version currently employs a single powertrain, a 2.7 liter twin-turbocharged V6 from the EcoBoost family. This engine should be able to make well over 330 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque which will likely allow the new Taurus to get to 60 MPH in as little as 5 seconds and up to a limited top speed of 155 MPH. All wheel drive is standard across the range while the transmission is unknown at this point. Many people suggest that this is going to be one of the first cars to receive Ford’s 9 speed automatic gearbox which they developed together with GM.

Later down the road, both the Chinese model of the car as well as the US version will likely get the 2.3 liter EcoBoost inline 4 from the Mustang which will likely develop around 290 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque which will be enough to pose a threat for the less powerful European saloons. This particular model is likely going to be available with front wheel drive only.

Design – Inside and Outside look

The design of the Chinese version of the Taurus is also a surprise for many of us because the car is more of an evolution of the older model rather than an all new car which is quite impressing. The front end borrows a lot from the design of the older model with the hexagonal grille and the slim aggressive headlights. However, the car is lower and wider than before which makes it look a bit better while the back end is cleaner in design and it now features curvy design rather than the older boxy look. The US version will be quite similar as well but it will be a bit shorter.


Inside the cabin, the 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version offers a lot of features which are otherwise unavailable on the International models. In the back there is a lot more room than in the usual cars and this particular model offers massage heated and ventilated rear seats which can recline or fold completely in order to make a table for the other passenger.

In the front the car comes with Ford’s latest Sync 3 infotainment system and premium materials which will certainly make this a better choice than some European cars such as the A6 which is both more expensive and less equipped than it.

2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version

2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version Price and Release date

The new Taurus will be available for the Chinese market for the moment and it will only be available as a long wheelbase version. The cost of the car has been rumored to be little over $50,000 which is still way under the price of its competitors. The US version will be nearly 5 inches shorter than it and nearly $10,000 cheaper.

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