2016 Honda Jazz

One more small car coming, the new 2016 Honda Jazz. Honda Fit and Honda Jazz are basically the same vehicle, only made for different markets, and with corresponding differences. Jazz name is used across the globe apart from in North America, China and Japan. 2016 Honda Jazz is a third-generation vehicle, just like its counterpart and gets slightly more upscale styling.

Under the Hood

There aren’t many choices in powertrain department, even though the car is marketed globally. Across both nameplates, only three engines are offered, two of which are meant for Jazz. Most of them have 1.3L Earth Dreams 4-cylinder engine under their hoods which makes 100 horsepower and comes mated to 6-speed manual transmission.

There are no more 5-speed and CVT shifters. Furthermore, some markets get slightly bigger, 1.5L 4-cylinder engine. Still, as new generation advances, we should also see an increase in available options, and both new petrol and diesel units will most likely join the lineup.


Design – Inside and Outside look

Like any other subcompact hatchback, 2016 Honda Jazz is neat and tidy. However, unlike outgoing models, new Jazz exhibits more aggressive and stronger lines. Honda’s trademark front fascia is flanked by large laid-back headlamps, while contrasting, trapezoid lower air intake serves to prolong the front mask. Midsection gets a sharp crease which stretches across the door handles, while expressive rear end comes up with wacky tail-lights which stretch all the way to the roof-mounted spoiler.

2016 Honda Jazz front view 2

Interior is surprisingly spacious. This, however, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to fit five large people inside new Jazz. Quality, soft-touch materials have been used to furbish the cabin and at times, 2016 Honda Jazz feels like a car from entirely different niche. Still, compact instrument panel and lack of middle tunnel soon disperse the daydream. Most of the cabin is black, but some silver plastic accents break the monotony here and there.

In other words, Jazz offers pretty much what any car in the segment does; nothing more, nothing less. Center display unit position is reserved for either 5-inch LCD unit or 7-inch touch screen unit which adds navigation as a bonus. However, some smaller and/or undeveloped markets will likely get entry-level models without any of these features. Unlike these models, those with most advanced tech will also get the Bluetooth, HDMI, USB and even Wi-Fi abilities.

2016 Honda Jazz 5

Safety features will also be quite advanced for a B-segment vehicle. Expect Jazz to offer optional forward collision warning, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition system and automatic high beams.

2016 Honda Jazz Price and MPG

2016 Honda Jazz promises to be very efficient when it comes to fuel economy. All engines should fare good in this category and return similar or better figures than 29 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway which North American Fit’s offer with manual gearbox. There are plenty of markets in question, but universal price tag which spans between $15,000 and $25,000 should be expected.

2016 Honda Jazz side view

2016 Honda Jazz continues looking good, second year into its third generation. City commuter has surprisingly advanced technology feature list in its highest grades and offers everything else that is expected from it; great fuel efficiency and nimble driving dynamics.

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