2016 Honda NSX Price and Release date

At the first look, this car is amazing, 2016 Honda NSX. Honda is not well known for super cars but rather small hot hatches and sports cars. However, they did make a great super car with the original NSX but unfortunately that car has been discontinued for years now.

Lucky for us though, they are going to release a brand new NSX in the form of a super car with state of the art technology, a great engine as well as looks that could easily compete with a Ferrari. The 2016 Honda NSX is the car that will put Honda and Acura back on track. While the concept was in the works since the early 2006, neither Honda or Acura released the car mainly because it was never up to the task of following the original NSX.

2016 Honda NSX 0-60 mph and Specs

Engine wise Honda went for something a bit more unusual. The NSX has a twin-turbocharged V6 engine which by itself should be good for more than 450 horsepower and not two but three electric motors, one for the rear wheels and two for each of the front wheels. This gives the car the super all wheel drive system as well as instant torque. The total grunt for the entire powertrain has been said to be more than 550 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque which is already in Ferrari territory.

An all electric mode hasn’t been confirmed so far but considering it does have a set of batteries, the NSX should be able to run for at least 15 miles on electricity. The expected fuel consumption is more than 20 MPG on average while the performance will be on par with the established super cars. A 0 to 60 MPH time of less than 3.5 seconds and a top speed of over 200 MPH will come as standard.

Design – Interior and Exterior

On the interior, the 2016 Honda NSX will simple yet refined. Honda went for a very simple dashboard with only a few buttons on it. Instead, most of the functions are going to be controlled with the infotainment center which will also act as the navigation system. Just like with the most other super cars, leather upholstery and carbon fiber or aluminum inserts are going to be standard features.

Its exterior on the other hand is very similar to the early concept which debuted back in 2009. The front end is aggressive but stylish with both the Honda and Acura models offering a very similar grille and set of headlights. At the back there is a set of LED tail lights, a massive diffuser as well as a center mounted exhaust system. The car doesn’t feature a spoiler because it is already very efficient in terms of downforce, so it doesn’t really need it.

2016 Honda NSX Price

At first the new model of the NSX was supposed to get an aspirated V10 engine but back in 2012 they said it would get an aspirated V8 while the model which is going to be sold will actually have a V6. They also changed their mind about what type of materials to use on the NSX. At first carbon fiber was an option but later Honda decided that the car would become too expensive so they instead went for high strength steel and aluminum.

2016 Honda NSX side view 2

Thanks to this, the NSX checks in at around 3000 pounds with all the electric equipment on board which is quite impressive for a hybrid. However, the price isn’t as low as we would want. In fact, the 2016 Honda NSX is more expensive than most of its competitors with an expected price of over 160.000 dollars, almost 45.000 dollars more than the Ford GT which is not only more powerful, but also faster. The release date for the new NSX has been set in the mid of 2015.

  More info: http://www.caranddriver.com/acura/nsx

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