2016 Lexus RC F

2016 Lexus RC F is future model of the high performance and luxurious entry level coupe. RC line is the coupe version of the famous Lexus IS entry level executive sedan. This vehicle has been produced since 2013, and it was presented on the Tokyo Auto Show during the same year as the 2014 model.

Design – Interior and Exterior

F model is high performance one, with a bigger and more stronger engine and some other performance oriented features added. This vehicle can be bought as part of few different packages which come with a different exterior features that range from spoilers to the whole carbon fiber make over. F performance version of the Lexus RC line came as a replacement for the IS F and LFA models that have been discontinued. There are some rumors circling around about Toyota planing to release 4 door RC F model as well for the 2016 model year.

When comparing this model with a standard RC coupe we can see that it comes with a fancy spindle grille signature and higher placed hood, that was made that way to make room for its much bigger engine. This car also comes with air outlets on both front and rear fenders that are designed to look like letter L and are meant for taking the hot air from under the hood of the vehicle. Another difference between this and regular RC is the stack-trapezoidal quad exhaust that looks much more aggressive than any other exhaust outlet in the whole Lexus range.

2016 Lexus RC F side view 3

Carbon-fiber package offers vast number of carbon-fiber elements meant for decorating and personalizing your vehicle, while buyers can also choose between three different wheel designs, with all three being 10 spoke, 19 inch alloy wheels. On front fascia accept spindle grille we can also find premium LED headlamps and on the back there is a speed sensing spoiler and both of these features come with a base version.

2016 Lexus RC F interior won’t have too many changes from the model that’s currently been on sales. Current model’s performance package which is the base one, comes with: moonroof, leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats in both rows, Lexus Enform infotainment system, blind spot monitor, navigation and rearview camera. With carbon package, accept carbon cosmetics and rear torque vectoring differential you also get the 17 speaker premium surround sound system, produced by Mark Levinson, being on of the best ones on the market.

Interior styling comes with a lot of aggressiveness. Its design looks a lot of like the one seen in LFA supercar, but it also comes with some original design solutions like: steering wheels, gauges, pedals and seating. Front seats come with memory foam that adapts to the driver’s and passenger’s body, buyers are able to choose from three available premium leather upholstery designs. Back seats are little bit less supportive, but they feature the same upholstery as the front ones and high headrests. Base performance package comes with 10 speaker sound system with 256 watt output.

2016 Lexus RC F rear view 4

2016 Lexus RC F Engine and Performance

This vehicle offers incredible performance and it is successor of the LFA high performance model. It comes with powerful 5,0 liter 32 valve V8 engine that is able to produce 467 horsepower and 389 pound feet of torque. Unlike similar models this one comes with much higher fuel efficiency, because it is the first sports car that use Atkinson cycle to decrease fuel consumption in cruising speeds. It is able to reach 60 mph in only 4,4 seconds, thanks to its responsive 8 speed transmission with available torque vectoring differential. Its top speed is 170 mph, which is much better than most of its rivals including BMW’s M Series.

2016 Lexus RC F interior

Price details

There is still no information about 2016 Lexus RC F price. Current model can be bought for $63,325, with around $900 for the destination charges. Release date will come really early for 2016 model. It might be presented on the next year’s LA Auto Show and we can expect this model coming to the showrooms in the fall of 2015.

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