2016 Lexus TX

The all-new model coming, 2016 Lexus TX. While most of Lexus’ compact lineup can be considered as contemporary vehicles which are built with contemporary issues in mind, Larger cars from Toyota’s luxury division don’t share this vision.

GX, for instance is an old-fashioned body-on-frame SUV which will never be able to become fuel-efficient vehicle because of its weight; at least not with its current platform. This is one of the main reasons why Lexus is planning on introducing lighter, unibody crossover as additional choice or even a replacement for outdated SUV.

Under the Hood

2016 Lexus TX will be lighter, but it is still a seven-seat mid-size crossover with lots of room for a large family. It can actually be compared to a new Toyota Highlander which will most likely be its role model. That goes for powertrain as well as TX should be offered with conventional and hybrid engines. Still, it is too early to say whether it will use the same 3.5L V6 found in Highlander or will it go for something bigger as Lexus badge usually does?

2016 Lexus TX on the road

Otherwise, it will be offered in standard front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations. There’s even a possibility that Lexus will tie it to the GS platform which rides on rear wheels, but that’s the least possible option at this moment.

Fuel economy ratings can’t even be roughly estimated yet as powertrain specifications are unknown, but the numbers will certainly be better than the ones in GX which is rated at 17 mpg combined.

Design – Inside and Outside

There still are no official photos of how it is going to look like, but from renderings, and all else that we know about it, we can safely assume that car-based three-row crossover will be a Lexus from bow to stern. Spindle grille will give it away from the get-go, but 2016 Lexus TX will also have some unexpected lines for a large Lexus. Slightly arching roof and plenty of curves overall are among the most prominent features of these, just mentioned unexpected details.

2016 Lexus TX rear view

There’s no need to describe a Lexus interior, especially not the interior of models which have been reserved a top position in the lineup. 2016 Lexus TX will be offered exclusively with leather surfaces and some wood veneers as well. Thanks to its unibody structure, it is supposed to offer more room than GX, even though mentioned model has somewhat boxy design which usually wins in available space category. Cabin layout is still unknown to us, but it certainly won’t be anywhere near GX’s design.

2016 Lexus TX inteiror

However, TX should offer similar feature list as outgoing SUV does, and its safety options will be on similar level, if not upgraded. This means that TX will come with standard rearview camera and blind spot monitors, and optional lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

2016 Lexus TX Price and MPG

Even its price will replicate GX’s price range which means that 2016 Lexus TX will be available for between $50,000 and $60,000. Release date is still unknown, but if the rumors are true, more details we can expect in spring this year.

2016 Lexus TX side view

2016 Lexus TX will introduce a touch of contemporary at the top of Lexus’ SUV/crossover lineup. It will fill one of the few remaining empty spots there, and should represent a fine choice for moving a family in style.

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