2016 MINI Countryman Park Lane

One more vehicle coming, 2016 MINI Countryman Park Lane. Countryman is one of the largest cars in MINI’s lineup and considered as subcompact crossover even though its design language isn’t that different than design of other models in MINI’s lineup. 2016 MINI Countryman Park Lane is the newest iteration of the subcompact car which was presented in Geneva.

It shares its name with the street just east of London’s Hyde Park and brings some excitement to a generation which nears its end.

Under the Hood

There’s nothing new under the hood. All future Park Lane Countryman’s will be offered with the current powertrain options. This means that you’ll be able to choose between couple of petrol and the same number of diesel engines. Former options will generate 122 or 190 horsepower, while later ones will develop either 112 or 143 horses. Needless to say, all of them have four cylinders and offer both front and all-wheel drive (ALL4).

Max speed is around 135 mph, but, at the same time, this vehicle hits 60 mph for less than 7.5 seconds.

2016 MINI Countryman Park Lane Design

2016 MINI Countryman Park Lane is slightly revamped and comes in special paint. BMW’s British sister firm has chosen earl gray metallic paint job with oak red contrasting roof and dual stripes upon the hood, tailgate and on doors. Midsection gets 8-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels, and bumpers feature rather unique improvements. In fact, frontal fascia is quite different thanks to the bumper, but at least headlights have remained the same. Around the back, bumper is also slightly sturdier and features one circular exhaust tip from both sides.

Interior is full of circular movement. Four circular airvents have been strategically positioned upon the top of the dash, while couple of center ones look like Mickey Mouse’s ears if touch screen display serves as his head. This wacky design really suits subcompacts in general and especially MINI. There’s even one circular speedometer behind the steering wheel to complete the picture. As for the features, 2016 MINI Countryman Park Lane doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary.

Everything depends on a trim level, but you’ll basically get all connectivity options and optional navigation package which comes with 6.5-inch display. Harman Kardon speakers, panoramic sunroof, and heated and ventilated seats are also included, but are never standard. Safety features are also quite advanced if you have the means to afford them, but they could have been better still. Apart from a rearview camera, optional safety features include adaptive headlights and rear parking sensors.

2016 MINI Countryman Park Lane road 3

2016 MINI Countryman Park Lane Price

Just like its siblings, 2016 MINI Countryman Park Lane is supposed to return above average fuel economy numbers. Best figures come from the base 1.6L petrol engine which is rated at 28 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. Of course, this goes for petrol engines, while oil burners are more efficient. Finally, price range should find itself between $25,000 and $35,000.

2016 MINI Countryman Park Lane is here to prolong the first generation of Countryman’s and it seems like it will do a fine job. Coming this summer, Park Lane model will bring some refreshing new cues and lines, but British manufacturer should look ahead and unveil a second generation of a subcompact crossover sooner, rather than later.

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