2016 Porsche Pajun Price and Review

The 2016 Porsche Pajun is smaller and younger brother of the Panamera. Actually, these cars are very similar. Porsche Pajun was announced some time ago now, but every time it seems they are getting close to the next phase, German manufacturer decides to stall the project. Last statement they released said that PAnamera JUNior will actually arrive as 2019 year model as they first have to consolidate the current lineup.

However, Porsche currently works on their luxury condo complex in Miami, called Porsche Design Tower, and they have released some rendering photos of project’s future look. One of these clearly depicts smaller version of Panamera, possibly Pajun, which might mean that car is bound to be released earlier than expected.
2016 Porsche Pajun front view 2 on road

Under the Hood

There are some speculations about Pajun’s future powertrains, but they are all guesses at this point. If Pajun really comes in late 2018, then there’s no point in guessing as four years are plenty of time to create new batch of engines. However, if Pajun comes out in 2016, it is quite possible that current lineup of V6 engines will be chosen to do the job. This means that 2016 Porsche Pajun might utilize both naturally aspirated and turbo V6 engines which could range from 260 to 420 horses, or more. Even hybrid version should be offered somewhere down the line, if not straightaway.

2016 Porsche Pajun

New Styling – Inside and Outside look

Pajun’s design also depends upon its release date, just like any other feature of this car. Panamera’s next generation might lose its hunchback and this could affect 2019 year model of Pajun as well. If, however, 2016 Porsche Pajun is on the cards, it will clearly resemble current Panamera, with some distinctive elements of its own. Apart from shorter wheelbase, Pajun’s hunchback won’t be as pronounced as Panamera’s. It should also get different, most likely smaller headlamps and tail-lights, and could have new bumper design as well.

Inside, 2016 Porsche Pajun is bound to be as refined as any other car from German car maker’s lineup. All models will be offered with leather seats and high-quality, soft surfaces in dashboard, door panels and pretty much all around the cabin. They will also benefit from most of Panamera’s tech and safety features, but will probably purposely be left without most advanced options found in their bigger sibling. This probably means: not as advanced sound systems and its supplementing features, and not as good infotainment system as well. However, it needn’t be like that, but Porsche will have to make some adjustments apart from Pajun’s smaller size.
2016 Porsche Pajun on the road

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy ratings of Porsche Pajun are still non-relevant topic and should be left for the time when Porsche decides to disclose mini Panamera’s powertrains. However, what is known is that they’ll almost certainly be slightly better than in Panamera.

2016 Porsche Pajun Price

Prices will likewise be lower, but neither price range, nor their height aren’t available for now. But, as far as prediction, the new Pajun should cost around 85,000 dollars. This price depends of the delivery costs, of course. German manufacturer says, that the new car will be available at the market in early next year.
2016 Porsche Pajun front view 2

2016 Porsche Pajun would be a welcome addition to the market as its design shown in renderings looks much better than current Panamera’s design. Its lower price and better efficiency shouldn’t be overlooked too, but the biggest question right now is: “Will it happen”? If it doesn’t, plenty of things could change on the road to year 2019, and Porsche Pajun might be lost for us forever.

First details will appear at next link: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/porsche/2016-porsche-pajun-ar117081/pictures.html

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