2016 Toyota CH-R

Another concept from Toyota, new 2016 Toyota CH-R. When one’s describing Toyota’s new CH-R concept revealed at this year’s Paris Auto Show, he has a choice to say that it’s either a high riding coupe or a supermini crossover. Whichever it is, the fact stands that Nissan Juke might just get a worthy competition in a segment it owned up until recently. Toyota CH-R might come to the dealers as early as in 2016, but since info is still very scarce at this point, it could also happen sometime later.

Under the Hood – predictions

There are no exact figures of any type in powertrain department, so far. The only thing which is known is the fact that 2016 Toyota CH-R should be a hybrid vehicle. Even its name might not stick for too long and when/if that change happens, we’ll know for sure that the car is ready for production.
2016 Toyota CH-R side view
Concept offered curved body styling and plenty of rather futuristic features to go with it, but first things first. CH-R is a 3-door vehicle and this might be the first change when it gets closer to production. 5-door layout would help with rear passenger’s mobility as they probably won’t be offered plenty of room out there.

Styling – Inside and Outside

Front end fascia preview might stick around, but complex headlight graphics will certainly be changed. Headlight themselves might get shortened, but should continue to cooperate with the grille in continuous singular motion. 2016 Toyota CH-R will also receive smaller wheels, hence fenders might not be as flared as they are in the concept.

2016 Toyota CH-R interior

Flat roof with large roofline spoiler, small rear window and some of the largest blind spots we’ve ever seen thanks to a thick roof pillars are definitely bound for revision. They do look good, but are just impossible to produce in a modern world which highly emphasizes on safety regulations. Around the back, floating tail-lights and tailgate design will also have to be toned down. After all is said and done CH-R is clearly quite production-unfriendly at this point.

Sadly, we don’t yet know what interior is going to look like as it wasn’t presented and there still aren’t any leaks about it either. What can be expected are contemporary materials which combine hard and soft plastics with some metallic accents and mostly cloth furbishes. Dashboard layout should follow CH-R’s outside lines and we can safely expect curvy lines in that department.

Infotainment system will most likely get Toyota’s basic 6.1-inch touch screen display which adds more functions as the car moves upward in grades. Safety features should be quite basic for an entry-level crossover, but high beltline and low roof usually create some blind spots, thus making blind-spot monitors and a rearview camera a must-have.

2016 Toyota CH-R rear view

2016 Toyota CH-R Price

Being a hybrid, and small one at that, 2016 Toyota CH-R will certainly execute satisfactory fuel economy figures which are still a mystery for us, however. Price is mysterious too, but since CH-R aims at Nissan Juke, price range between $20,000 and $25,000 seems reasonable.

2016 Toyota CH-R

2015 Toyota CH-R promises to be functional city-friendly compact crossover with agile ride and good handling. It should help RAV-4 to raise the numbers of sold Toyota’s compacts which segment’s pioneers certainly deserve.

More info:http://www.caranddriver.com/photos-media/639859/toyota-ch-r-concept-photo-639894

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