2016 Toyota Hilux

One of the best pickups that isn’t available in the states is, without any doubt, Toyota Hilux. It has been marketed globally for almost half a century, and it continues strong still as 2016 Toyota Hilux will be a next-gen model. The indestructible truck will continue to be offered in a number of options which mostly depend on given market.

Under the Hood

Australian market, for instance, offers three engine choices. Instead of former 3.0L diesel unit, compact pickup now features 2.8L turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine making 177 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque with 6-speed automatic transmission. Optional, 6-speed manual gearbox lowers the rotational force figures to 310 lb-ft of torque. There’s also 2.4L turbo diesel 4-cylinder making 168 hp and either 295 or 253 lb-ft of torque depending on whether you choose 6-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission.

Finally, only petrol engine offered is 2.7L normally aspirated 4-cylinder with 166 hp and a range of torque figures which depend on any of three available gearbox choices.

2016 Toyota Hilux
Type 1GD (diesel)
Displacement 2.755 cc
Maximum output 174 HP @ 3.400 RPM
Transmission 6-sppeed automatic

Design – Outside and Inside look

New Hilux features fresh, modern design with plenty of sleek edges. For starters, frontal fascia gets smaller chrome stripe grille which combines rather well with contemporary, laid-back headlamps. Apart from high nose, 2016 Toyota Hilux gets pronounced, but curved fenders and spacious cabin if you decide to go with Double cab. Of course, Hilux’s rear end doesn’t offer anything special from design standpoint, but then again, rarely any truck does.

2016 Toyota Hilux
Length 5.335 MM (210.03 Inches)
Width 1.855 MM (73.03 Inches)
Height 1.820 MM (71.65 Inches)

Inside look

Interior is supposed to go through extensive changes as well. New materials and overall shape will be incorporated for new generation; that’s just the way things work. Instrument panel is quite modern, it would seem. Large LCD touch screen display looks like it’s been carried straight from Lexus range. It will be responsible for all infotainment duties which include navigation and audio controls. However, don’t expect base models to offer such refined technology. Instead, they’ll have to be content with standard small display.

Depending on model or range, 2016 Toyota Hilux will either offer cloth or leather seats. Rest of feature list will most likely remain intact. Climate control, 6-speaker audio system with Bluetooth and USB port, and some safety features like vehicle stability control, traction control, electronic brake force distribution and brake assist will be standard across the board.

2016 Toyota Hilux Price and MPG

There are still no exact fuel economy figures available, but since Japanese decided to downsize Hilux’s powertrain lineup, figures should see a slight increase. Leading spot remains reserved for smaller turbo diesel engine which should achieve mid twenties mpg combined with ease. Still, figures will depend both on drivetrain configuration and chosen transmission option.

2016 Toyota Hilux

Prices between $20,000 and $35,000 seem in order, but they are for Australia. British models, for instance, should cost between £14,000 and £19,000.

Competitors: 2015 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon and Nissan Navara.

2016 Toyota Hilux carries on together with its indestructible moniker reputation. It took some time to build this kind of reputation and Japanese are doing tremendous job in maintaining it. It just seems that Hilux gets better and better with every passing generation, but changes are still somewhat minimal. It might be time to do something radical about the mid-size truck.


  • New style and design
  • Interior updates
  • New powertrain options


  • this is the most popular model – sold out

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