2016 Volkswagen Taigun Concept

Don’t confuse Tiguan with Taigun, because these are similar, yet different vehicles. While Tiguan, a compact crossover is in production for a considerable time now, Taigun is announced for 2016, and this is model, 2016 Volkswagen Taigun will be one of the few subcompact SUV’s available in the markets.

2016 Volkswagen Taigun Concept

2016 Volkswagen Taigun Concept which was presented at 2012 Sao Paulo International Motor Show, had a 3-cylinder 1.0L turbocharged engine which puts up 109 hp and 129 lb-ft of torque. There’s still a lot of time before Taigun actually enters the markets and a bit stronger engines shouldn’t be crossed out yet.
2016 Volkswagen Taigun Concept
Brazilian concept from 2012 was updated in 2014 when it also showed up at Auto Expo in New Delhi. Change was most evident out back where VW decided to remove the spare tire from under the cargo floor and mount it at the tailgate. This was done in order to increase the cargo space, but the results weren’t that impressive in the end as new version only upped the space by 2 gallons from 261 to 263. Tailgate is now a two-part with lower part opening sideways, and upper one swinging upwards. Rectangular tail-lights and big wheel arches remained intact, and so did front end with Tiguan-like grille, angular headlights and pronounced fenders. Since Tiguan received a facelift in the meantime, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if production-ready Taigun gets a new look in order to match its bigger sibling.
2016 Volkswagen Taigun Concept interior
Inside, Taigun will offer contemporary design with dashboard on a small side in order to save on some already limited space. Angular and minimized lines of a concept will hardly make production, and real model will most likely be completely redesigned inside. However, it will probably offer two-tone color theme with some metallic accents in the dash and door panels. High seat position and low beltline guarantee great front and solid rear visibility if VW doesn’t screw up its rear pillars. Actual set of features is still unknown and they depend on a market in which Taigun is set to feature. It seems that VW will deploy its new toy to the developing markets like Brazil, India and Malaysia, and in accordance to that, don’t expect it to have all the available features. However, it will certainly get the infotainment system, and an airbag system, and all the standard stability controls when safety is concerned.
2016 Volkswagen Taigun Concept side view

2016 Volkswagen Taigun Price

It is expected that Taigun will return 50 mpg combined when fuel economy ratings are concerned, and it should cost at least around $15,000, while upper tiers could soar up to $23,000.

2016 Volkswagen Taigun is gong to be an affordable subcompact crossover which will be offered in select markets in order to additionally develop them. It will offer great fuel efficiency and solid handling with fine design throughout.

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