2016 Zenos E10 R

Back in 2013, too former executives from Lotus and Caterham joined forces in order to create their own company, Zenos. Shortly after that, they released the E10, a lightweight sports car which has been quite successful since then. In order to further boost their sales and get a faster car on the market, they now released the 2016 Zenos E10 R, the high performance version of an already very fast car.

Just like with the base E10, the car is using the same tubular frame chassis which is wrapped in a carbon fiber shell meant to save as much weight as possible.

Over the base model, it comes with a new engine, a different suspension tune as well as a uniquely customized exterior and interior, all meant to make it more attractive for the market. For now, the car is only available in the United Kingdom where it costs little under 40,000 pounds, being on the same level with the Porsche Boxter. While some people may choose the German sports car, the E10 R is a far more capable car when it comes to sheer performance levels.

The Engine range

Instead of having the engine in the front, Zenos installed it in the middle of the car, right behind the passengers. However, instead of mounting it longitudinally, the 2016 Zenos E10 R boasts a transverse mid-mounted 2.3 liter turbocharged inline 4 engine which is mated to a 6 speed gearbox which sends all of the power to the rear wheels via a limited slip differential.

The more impressive spec is that the car only weighs little over 1,600 pounds which makes the 350 horsepower and over 340 lb-ft of torque engine a rather impressive powertrain. This will allow it to get to 60 MPH in less than 3 seconds while having a top speed of around 150 MPH, mostly limited by the short ratio gearbox.

2016 Zenos E10 R
The Engine range
Type Turbocharged 4 cylinder
Max speed 155 mph
Displacement 2261 cc with 16 V
Output 350 HP @ 6.000 RPM
Torque 350 LB-FT @ 4.000 RPM
Transmission 6-speed transverse

Unusual design – Interior & Exterior

The body looks like nothing else on the road and it makes the car seem a lot more hardcore than it really is. The passengers stay in a steel safety cell which is surrounded by carbon fiber. The front end is really aggressive with LED headlights and a massive splitter while in the front the car boasts round tail lights which make it look a lot like a retro car.

It also has a rather small diffuser and behind the two passengers there are air ducts, one of them housing the fuel tank while the other is there to improve roll-over resistance and air channeling. The extra Drive package will add unique yellow graphics on the car as well as slightly different rims.

2016 Zenos E10 R
Wheelbase 2.300 MM (90.55 Inches)
Front track 1.560 MM (61.41 Inches)
Rear track 1.600 MM (62.99 Inches)
Height 1.130 MM (44.48 Inches)
Weight 700 KG (1.543 LBS)


Inside the cabin, the 2016 Zenos E10 R is only offering the basic necessities and it can even be considered to be worse equipped than the base E10. There is no windshield available or even a roof and this is because the car has been designed with weight saving in mind. Options include carbon fiber seats which can be also heated. This may prove really useful, especially with the UK weather.

The Drive package will also add 6-point harnesses, a quick-disconnect steering wheel as well as carbon-leather trimmings which replaces the Alcantara on the base model. The R also adds customizable panels which allow the driver to change the color accents of the interior quite easily.

2016 Zenos E10 R main image

2016 Zenos E10 R Price and Selling

There are rumors that it will also be imported in the United States where it will be offered in a limited run of cars. Here, it could cost well over $60,000 which would make it quite a hard sell. However, considering there are no competitors here, it might become quite a good choice for those looking to get it as a track car only.

The biggest competitors are Lotus 3-Eleven and Caterham AeroSeven.

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