2017 Audi A3 Convertible – Overview

Audi company continues with innovations, here’s the latest 2017 Audi A3 Convertible. The current A3 has been around for some time now and it is expected to be kept on the market for at least three or four years from now on. In order to do this, Audi will have to refresh the car released back in 2012 quite a bit and while they did not release any official pictures of the refreshed model, it has been spied testing in the wild a few times now and it has even been caught with very little camouflage on it.

The 2017 Audi A3 Convertible on the other hand will receive a few more upgrades than the sedan or the hatchback because it has a unique rear end.

What’s new for 2017?

However, despite that, the car will remain based on the same platform as the ongoing model which is to be expected considering it is just an update. However, we do expect some tweaks to its suspension system in order to handle the extra weight of the car a bit better and to allow the driver to have more control over the car.

2017 Audi A3 Convertible rear veiw

Under the Hood

Engine wise, the US version of the 2017 Audi A3 Convertible will come as standard with the same 1.8 liter turbocharged inline 4 petrol engine as before. While it is not the most powerful on the market, is is both efficient and quite fun to drive thanks to its no-lag characteristics. Further up the range the car will get two additional engines. The medium spec A3 will get a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 with 200 horsepower while the top of the range model will come in the form of the S3 with 300 horsepower.

Only the last two engines will come as standard with all wheel drive while the 1.8 liter version will only be available with front wheel drive because it is intended as an efficient vehicle. A 6 speed manual is standard on it but the US model will only get the 6 speed dual-clutch automatic which remains to this day one of the fastest automatic gearboxes on the market.

Unusual Design – Inside and Outside look

Just as we mentioned above, the design of the car is expected to change quite a bit, mostly because it will have to be part of Audi’s new lineup of cars which all look a bit more angular than before. The front end is likely to receive the same treatment as the new A4 with a new hexagonal grille and more slightly pointier headlights while the back will make use of a new diffuser as well as a new set of tail lights.

Besides these, the car will remain mostly unchanged offering the same soft-top and the same general look as before. This new design will have to keep the car on the market for at least three more years when Audi will likely release the new model.


Inside the cabin the new 2017 Audi A3 Convertible should receive Audi’s latest infotainment system which is powered by an Nvidia GPU. This will be faster than before and thanks to a new interface and operating system, it should also provide a lot more functions than the previous model. Besides this though, the car’s dashboard will remain the same as the one on the hatchback while the seats will be slightly better in terms of look and feel.

side view 2017 Audi A3 Convertible

2017 Audi A3 Convertible Price

The price should remain unchanged with a base starting price of roughly $36,000 for the Convertible and more than $40,000 for the S3 version of the car. In Europe it will also get a diesel as well as a rather unimpressive 1.4 liter engine in the base trim level. The car is expected to be launched on the market by the end of 2016 which is right in the middle of its lifespan.

The biggest competitor is BMW 2 Series Convertible.


Design updates – front fascia is refreshed
Sporty style
Front design is very similar to Audi A4


New model is based at the same platform, like as previous model
There are no significant inside updates
BMW 2 series is biggest rival, still


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