2017 BMW X2

BMW’s X lineup has been expanded over the years to the margin where only X2 spot remains vacant. Of course, that’s exactly what Bavarians are planning on doing next as 2017 BMW X2 compact coupe crossover should arrive soon.

The Engine range

These, however aren’t just SUV/crossovers, but SAV’s as BMW calls them (Sport Activity Coupes). Apart from number of four-cylinder engines, new X2 could feature an occasional three-cylinder. 1.5L diesel three would be our guess, while other diesel option would be 2.0L 4-cylinder. Petrol engines will likely start from 1.5L turbo four, but expect 2.0L 4-cylinder engines and even 2.0L turbo fours with as much as 300 ponies.

It seems that 2017 BMW X2 will be large enough to adopt new UKL1 platform which means that X1’s rear-wheel drive won’t move slightly larger X2. Instead, compact crossover will be either front or all-wheel driven and should retain in-house 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission.

2017 BMW X2

Design – Inside and Outside look

Nothing new when it comes to BMW; X2 will get the same front fascia as pretty much any car that came from German maker’s assembly lines in last 25 years, more or less. This means signature split grille; first and foremost, together with narrow angular headlights and open-mouth lower air intake to complete the contrast. Just like its slightly smaller sibling, X2 should come as both 3 and 5-door version. Finally, its rear end shouldn’t offer anything out of the ordinary – coupe-like tailgate with some contemporary touches around the edges.


There still aren’t any specific information about car’s interior, but it is clear what one could expect from it. For starters, don’t think that you’ll be able to fit five large adults inside X2. It might be a crossover, but it isn’t that big. Furthermore, materials are pretty much known if you take a look at X1 and X3. They both get similar options, and why should X2, which is supposed to slot in between them be any different? It should start with Sansatec upholstery, but upscale models will receive leather seats.

Furthermore, grey matte trim will most likely be the entry-level option, while more refined outfits should get some natural wood accents. Also, sport models will benefit from Alcantara leather inserts and aluminum accents. That pretty much sums up the level of interior refinement, while feature list remains largely unknown. Still, expect plenty of advanced tech options that both X1 and X3 get.

2017 BMW X2 front

2017 BMW X2 Price details

BMW’s Sport Activity Coupe lineup isn’t as efficient as other, true compact crossovers, but 2017 BMW X2 will still offer better figures than most mid-size crossovers. This especially goes for small and diesel engines which, sadly, most likely won’t be offered in the states. Prices should start from around $34,000 which is the mark between X1’s and X3’s starting price. On the other hand, fully equipped X2 might even be able to reach $50,000 mark.

Competitors: Range Rover Evoque and Mazda 3 Grand Touring.

2017 BMW X2 will complete German maker’s X lineup for now. After all, they might decide to introduce X7 somewhere down the line. This compact coupe crossover will offer slightly more space than smallest X1, while at the same time being more affordable and efficient than larger X3. Unfortunately, as you can to see, here are only approximate photos. Official video of this vehicle isn’t available.

2017 BMW X2 21

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