2017 BMW Z2

At long last, BMW Z4 is supposed to get a relative. 2017 BMW Z2 Roadster is supposed to be slightly slimmer and smaller than its 15-year old sibling, and should become a worthy replacement for discontinued Z3.

2017 BMW Z2 Engine range

Contrary to what people have expected, Z2 will be a front-wheel drive car. This means that it will get a different platform than currently most compact BMW’s around; 2 series. UKL platform seems like a fine choice for lightweight compact roadster. As for powertrains, we still can’t pinpoint the exact options, but believe that a number of 4-cylinders will be taken into consideration. For starters, Bavarian manufacturer is supposed to offer either naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines which vary from 160 to 230 ponies.

Furthermore, Z2 M could also make an appearance later on, and it should yield at least around 300 horses. Finally, don’t be surprised if the roadster gets 3-cylinder engine as an entry-level option.

2017 BMW Z2 j

Design – Outside and Inside look

Car shouldn’t be much heavier than 2,500 pounds. Apart from more compact body than that of Z4, 2017 BMW Z2 Roadster will save some weight in retracting roof and similar systems. Unlike the Z4, it will have a soft top, fabric roof, but otherwise shouldn’t differ too much from its older cousin. BMW’s trademark grille and long nose will be present as always, and Z2 should get a short overhang with enough space to put away the roof and nothing else.

There’s still plenty of time until year 2017, and it can be expected that Z4 will go through a facelift which will most likely be used in Z2 as well. That’s why we can’t yet fully describe the car.

2017 BMW Z2 Roadster should get the same, or at least very similar interior to the one of Z4. However, being a smaller vehicle, it shouldn’t offer that much room. Still, larger of the two doesn’t really excels in that department as well. We expect a compact, sporty dashboard with room savings wherever they are possible. For instance, touch screen display will surely continue to pop out of the dash.

However, Z2’s feature list most likely won’t be on par with the feature list of its bigger relative. Some things will remain reserved for upper echelon; that’s just the way things work. Still, Z2 will be a luxury convertible/coupe with plenty of advanced technology and nimble driving dynamics.

2017 BMW Z2 top

2017 BMW Z2 Price & MPG

Even though it’s a luxury car, 2017 BMW Z2 Roadster is supposed to be rather fuel-efficient. Apart from its light frame, efficient engines will do the trick and the car is supposed to reach 30 mpg combined at least. M version, however, isn’t supposed to be that efficient, though. As for the price range, Z2’s will most likely start from some $30,000, while sport M models could reach a tag of $50,000.

The key competitors are: Mazda MX-5 Miata and Audi TT.

2017 BMW Z2 Roadster’s main advantage will be its nimbleness and exquisite driving dynamics. That’s the least one could expect from a compact coupe, and everything else comes as a bonus. Luxurious interior, sleek design and efficiency are all a part of that bonus.

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