2017 Chrysler Town – first spy shots

The newest 2017 Chrysler Town & Country will be premiered at 2017 Detroit Auto Show. The current model of the Chrysler Town has been around ever since the mid of 2007 so it is one of the oldest current minivans on the market. Luckily though they already announced that the model is going to be discontinued and replaced with an all new car by the end of next year.

The 2017 Chrysler Town is going to be a complete redesign of the current model which will be based on a new platform rather than the same old RT platform of the current generation.This new platform will be shared with that of the 200, but it will be stretched in order to accommodate the extra features needed by the minivan.

front light

Under the Hood

In terms of engines there are quite a few rumors about the 2017 Chrysler Town but there are also a few official statements. It seems that the new model will actually make use of two rather than just a single engine choice and it will also get a few more transmission options as well. The base model will use a downsized 3.2 liter naturally aspirated V6 which is already found in the Cherokee. This will make around 260 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque while using at least 15% less fuel than the current model, so it will be able to be quite similar in terms of raw performance.

This is also expected to be the first minivan on the US market to get a full plug-in hybrid powertrain which could make it a favorite among minivan buyers. While there aren’t that many details available about this engine, it seems that it will make use of a 3 or 3.2 liter Pentastar V6 coupled to an electric motor. Just like with the 3.2 liter version, it will use a 9 speed automatic which will drive the front wheels but the electric motor will also power the rear wheels, so the car will be able to travel up to 25 miles on electricity alone, it will get all wheel drive and it should offer much better fuel consumption as well.

2017 Chrysler Town

New Design – Inside and Outside look

The design is still a well guarded secret but considering the model spied with little camouflage on it, we are pretty sure that the 2017 Chrysler Town will receive the same front end as the 200 with the rather aggressive looking headlights, the usual Chrysler grille but it will get a slightly different bumper with a better drag coefficient. The back of the minivan will feature a clean design with a wide-opening tailgate while on the sides it will get automatic sliding doors.


Inside the cabin it should be just as good as the previous version with most features and commodities offered as standard. The base model will come with triple-zone automatic climate control with heated seats, a rather large 7 inch infotainment system with a surround audio system, tough cloth upholstery as well as a new addition for it, a trunk mounted vacuum cleaner which first debuted on the Honda Odyssey. The higher end models will get leather upholstery, satellite navigation, a phone’s screen mirroring system as well as a dedicated infotainment unit for those on the back seats.

2017 Chrysler Town Price

So far it seems that the new model will be released in the next few months and its market availability will start at the end of 2016. The price, while currently unknown, will likely start at $30,000, and it will go up to around $45,000, depending on what the buyer wants.

Also, despite the fact that it has not been officially confirmed just yet, the car has been spied testing with camouflage a few months ago and a model has been seen without camouflage on its front end which is quite surprising considering how Chrysler is usually hiding quite well their new cars.

The biggest rivals are: Kia Sedona, Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Nissan Quest.


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