2017 Honda Odyssey

2017 Honda Odyssey

The redesigned model, 2017 Honda Odyssey brings a lot of changes. The Odyssey is the minivan to beat when launching a new model in this highly competitive market but the current model is starting to get dated being released back in 2010. In order to change that Honda will release an all new model next year, most likely closer to the end of the year. The 2017 Honda Odyssey will be a major upgrade over the current model in most ways.

Its chassis will be further upgraded in order to increase the safety of its occupants and to make for a more responsive vehicle, the design will be updated and the interior will be further improved.

2017 honda odyssey spy photos

Redesign – new style & spy photos

In terms of exterior design, the 2017 Honda Odyssey will definitely get a lot from the new Pilot such as the expressive front end, the new front grille and the slimmer headlights. However, the sides as well as the back end will be unique to it and we would bet our money that Honda will go for a sportier design than its main competitors. The car will likely come with Xenon headlights as standard, LED tail lights, large alloy wheels as well as new aerodynamic bits to improve its drag coefficient and to make it even quieter at highway speeds.


Inside the cabin, the 2017 Honda Odyssey will likely follow Honda’s current trend of offering as much equipment as possible while keeping the quality of the materials just as good. The actual design of the dashboard is currently unknown but we do know for sure that the car will continue to offer eight seats. Among the standard features, the Odyssey is going to offer things such as up to six USB plugs which will charge the devices of its passengers while some of them will allow them to play music via the standard surround audio system.

The already iconic rear vacuum cleaner is likely going to be installed on this model as well and thanks to the elongated wheelbase, the Odyssey allow a much easier access to the third row of seats which is very important in a minivan.

2017 honda odyssey side view

The Engine range & performance

The engine of the new Odyssey will likely remain a V6 but we may have a surprise here. Many people say, and we have to agree, that the car will get a 3.5 liter direct injected V6 which will basically be identical to that of the Pilot. This engine will make around 260 to 270 horsepower and over 260 lb-ft of torque and it will run in a modified Atkinson cycle in order to use as little fuel as possible. A four wheel drive system is unlikely so the car will likely only be available with front wheel drive.

The engine will be mated to a 9 speed automatic which should be much smoother than the previous 6 speed unit and it should allow the Odyssey to get up to 30 MPG on the highway and over 23 MPG in the city. This would make it the most fuel efficient minivan by a really big lead but this could change because other manufacturers are thinking about hybrid power so in order to stay competitive Honda may release a hybrid version of the Odyssey with more power and better fuel consumption.

2017 honda odyssey spy shots

2017 Honda Odyssey Price

Unfortunately, besides launch date, Honda did not release much official information about their minivan. There are a few unofficial details available about it though and the most important is that the car will be slightly larger than before.

It will be a bit taller and it will have a longer wheelbase which will translate in more space inside the cabin as well as it could look better. The price will hover around $30,000 for a base model but most people will want to get at least the medium trim level which will cost closer to $40,000.

Competition: Kia Sedona, Chrysler Town & Country, Toyota Sienna.

More photos at link.

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