2017 Lincoln Navigator – Redesign

The Navigator is one of the oldest luxury crossovers on the market and despite the fact it still is a comfortable car, it is just too inefficient and rather expensive to make. In order to be able to finally compete once again with all those new cars in its class, a new model is in the works. Just like before, this new car will be using the same platform as the all new F150 or the upcoming Expedition.

This means it will use a high strength steel chassis which is a rather nice surprise because some rumors suggested that it was going to be based on a new unibody design.

2017 Lincoln Navigator

What’s new for 2017 model year?

This also means that the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will very likely inherit the aluminum body of the upcoming Expedition. This is both good and bad. The good part is that the car is expected to lose at least 700 to 800 pounds, allowing it to dip under 5,000 pounds for the first time in its life.

Also, the aluminum body will allow Lincoln’s engineers to make a more comfortable and better to drive Navigator than before, all while making it even faster and more efficient than before.

The Engine – specs & predictions

Under the hood of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator, the current 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 has been rumored to stay. However, in order to keep its starting price under $70,000 there is a big chance that Lincoln will install two different engines. This means that the base model may use their all new 3 liter twin-turbocharged V6 which has been proved to be quite capable. This will be able to deliver up to 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque, already more than the current V6.

The larger 3.5 liter V6 on the other hand will likely be bumped to around 500 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque in order to allow it to compete with all those European high performance luxury crossovers.

Both of them should make use of Ford’s all new 10 speed automatic and both of them will likely be available with rear or all wheel drive. The biggest improvement over the current model will not be its raw performance but rather its efficiency which is expected to increase to over 25 MPG on the highway and as much as 20 MPG in the city, much better than the current generation of the car.

Lincoln Navigator front view

Redesign – Inside and Outside look

In terms of design, many thought that the car was in fact going to be based on the ongoing model. However, after Lincoln released the Continental concept it became clear that the new Navigator was going to get an all new design with curvier lines and likely a smaller body. The front end will definitely use the one-piece grille and the slim headlights of the Continental concept while at the back, instead of the massive glasshouse of the ongoing model, the car may receive something a bit more subtle.

Traditional Interior

Inside the cabin the quality as well as the design will improve considerably over the current model. For now we do know for sure that the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will continue to offer up to seven very comfortable seats. Just like before, Lincoln will provide a seat upgrade package which will only boast six individual seats with heating, ventilation and a massage system, way over what its competitors are offering.

The dashboard will get a cleaner and more minimalistic look while the driver will benefit of the latest safety and driving aids.

 Lincoln Navigator camouflage

2017 Lincoln Navigator Price

The not so good part is that the car will likely be quite a bit more expensive than the $65,000 of the current model. Also, the aluminum body will mean higher repair and maintenance costs which could turn some buyers off.

Competitors: Cadillac Escalade & Mercedes GL.

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