2017 Maserati Levante – debut in 2016

Maserati stated that they want to built a crossover back in 2010 and in 2011 they even released a concept car with the Kubang which was based on the same platform as the Grand Cherokee. However, four years passed since then and only a few months ago we received clear indication that they are in fact building the car. It seems that the official name has been set as the 2017 Maserati Levante which will likely be released at the 2016 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Unlike the Kubang concept car, the production Levante will use a proprietary platform which it will share with the Quattroporte.

This means that it will be a unibody design built mostly out of aluminum with some carbon fiber and high strength parts which will allow the Levante to be one of the better driving crossovers in its class.

2017 Maserati Levante – Engine & Specs

Engine wise, the 2017 Maserati Levante is going to use roughly the same engines as the Quattroporte which will be slightly adjusted in order to better fit the car. The base model will receive a twin-turbocharged 3 liter V6 which will develop between 310 and 400 horsepower and 320 to 410 lb-ft of torque. This particular model will be available with rear wheel drive for the lesser version and all wheel drive for the more powerful model. A 3 liter diesel with up to 300 horsepower and more than 450 lb-ft of torque is also a strong possibility, but this will likely be available only on the European market.

There have been a lot of rumors about the top of the range model but it seems that the car may not receive the 3.8 liter V8 of the Quattroporte but rather a smaller 2.9 liter V6 from the upcoming Giulia. This would be able to deliver 510 horsepower and more than 460 lb-ft of torque which would be enough to outrun most of the cars in its class without using much more fuel than the larger V6. All engines will come with an 8 speed automatic as their only option and only the base V6 will get rear wheel drive as standard. Further down the road, a higher powered model with rear wheel drive might also be offered in certain markets.

Unusual Design – Inside and Outside look

The exterior design of the car has already been set and it is largely known ever since the start of the year when Maserati actually filled a couple of documents to trademark the design of their Levante. This shows a similar front end to the Quattroporte and a rather sporty look which looks a bit more athletic than what they showed us back in 2011. Also, the production 2017 Maserati Levante looks to be longer and wider than it was rumored to be which also means that there will be quite a bit more space inside the cabin than we first thought.

The interior will be quite premium for its class but instead of going for a unique design, Maserati is very likely going to borrow extensively from both the Quattoporte and from the smaller Ghibli in order to keep costs to an acceptable level and also offer their passengers a premium experience.

2017 Maserati Levante spy photo

2017 Maserati Levante Price & Release date

The car will only be available for sale starting with the end of 2016 when it will hit the market for a price closer to $60,000 which is quite a bit more than some of its competitors. However, it is also expected to drive better than most and also look on par with the best out there.

The only drawback we see with the car is that Maserati wants to double their production numbers with this particular model which may mean that they will cut corners in order to meet the high demand.

The major competitors are Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6.

More spy photos.

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