2018 Tesla Roadster

The latest model,¬†2018 Tesla Roadster will be one of the fastest hybrid cars, ever. Tesla Roadster was American electric car manufacturer’s first highway-capable car which was discontinued after Model S was introduced.

Company is starting a new campaign which will offer larger battery packs for used Roadsters, thus giving them more range than they ever had (more than some Model S units even). This is all preparation for Roadster‘s reintroduction to the markets later on. 2018 Tesla Roadster should expand already expanding Tesla’s lineup and again offer true sporty car moved via electricity alone.

The Engine range and Specs

Tesla Roadster 3.0 package will add a few changes. Apart from reduced drag by fresh design tweaks, new 70 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is supposed to offer around 400 miles of range. If you, however don’t own older Roadster, or don’t plan on buying used one for a sum anywhere between $55,000 and $80,000, you can always wait for sport electric car’s second generation. 2018 Tesla Roadster might further upgrade the battery pack and offer 85 kWh units or even larger ones at that. After all, there’s still plenty of time before 2018 and electric cars are fastest-growing segment in all car markets.

2018 Tesla Roadster

Design and Style

Of course, 2018 Tesla Roadster will look significantly different than, by that time, its 10-year old relative. Still, overall body shape will remain almost unchanged. It will still be a small 2-door coupe with low nose, low hard top roofline and signature rear end. Where will it feature air intakes, what kind of light graphics will it get and what kind of creases and lines will define it, is still unknown. We can easily expect that Tesla’s designers will do a fine work, no doubt about it.

Inside look

Roadster’s interior is a topic which is probably hardest to write about. For starters, we aren’t certain that even other details will end up as we have described them, but at least they can be logically pinpointed. Cabin refinement might not be on Model S’ level because Roadster is still a sports car. However, we would love to see S’ huge touch screen instrument panel inside new 2018 Tesla Roadster, even if it had to be downsized.

Apart from that, expect sport leather seats and carbon fiber accents. As far as feature list is concerned, let’s just say again that 2018 is still a long way ahead of us and that there’s plenty of time for some tech to develop.

2018 Tesla Roadster 3

2018 Tesla Roadster Price and Charging

Apart from bigger range which might be quite larger than those 400 miles from updated 3.0 Roadsters, second generation models will likely take less time to charge. Add to that expanded network of Tesla chargers across the country, and’ you’ll get yet another reason to consider buying one of Tesla’s electric cars.

We have witnessed Model S’ price reduction these last couple of years and we can expect that 2018 Tesla Roadster certainly won’t cost more than $100,000 which it did when it started back in 2008. Price tag of around $70,000 or even less is more like it.

2018 Tesla Roadster charging

2018 Tesla Roadster will get another shot at the market, but this time, expect it to stay there. Upgraded battery packs will allow it to offer unparalleled range for electric sports car, which in turn, would make it the most efficient coupe there is.

Roadster from 2011.

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