BMW M9 – production will start in 2016.

BMW M9 is the next supercar, and it will be a symbol of BMW’s 100th anniversary. The M1 has always been considered as the original BMW supercar but it was unfortunately a short-lived model which didn’t manage to catch on to the public mostly due to its massive price tag. BMW managed to resurrect the mid-engined super-car with their hybrid i8 which is very impressive and fuel efficient but it is nowhere near as fast as the Huracan or even the R8.

In order to be able to compete with these cars, the German manufacturer stated some time ago that they will release a mid-engined super-car some time in the near future. This would be based on the same platform as the i8 and it should be able to be even faster than its direct competitors, all while costing less than them.

 M9 side view 2

Authentic & Unusual design – short details

In terms of design the upcoming BMW M9 will most definitely be unique and even though it will be based on the i8, it will not share many of its components with it. This is because BMW wants the M brand and the I brand to be quite different from each other. A designer even managed to render a concept of the M9 and the result is stunning. The car has a very angular design with straight lines and massive air scoops which makes it look like a 1980s super-car, a very cool design that might not see production.

It is safe to assume though that BMW will try everything they can in order to create something special and this car should set the trend for all of their future models. The usual “kidney” grille will be kept but pretty much everything else will be designed for it specifically.

M9 Specs – This is the real monster

Engine wise, the upcoming M9 will be one of the more impressive mid-engined cars on the road. Why? Well, this is going to be the first car in more than 20 years to feature a mid-mounted inline 6 engine. The engine itself will likely be developed from the one found in the M3 but it will be tuned and upgraded in order to deliver more than 500 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. While this doesn’t sound like much, the engine will be aided by two extra electric motors which are going to be powered by a rather larger set of batteries.

Thanks to these, the total output should rise to around 700 horsepower and more than 600 lb-ft of torque, all while being able to run for at least 20 miles on electricity alone. The petrol engine will send all of its power to the rear wheels via a dual-clutch automatic and thanks to the two electric motors, the car will actually feature all wheel drive.

Refined Performance

Early performance numbers suggest that the M9 will be able to hit 60 MPH in under 2.5 seconds and go up to a maximum top speed of over 210 MPH, better than pretty much all of its competitors. On the inside on the other hand, the BMW M9 will get an all new design which will be focused on providing the driver with everything it needs in order to feel safe, comfortable and good while driving the car.

Unlike what some rumors said, it will be a 2-seats model and in the back a small shelf could be installed in order to allow its passengers to carry luggage.

BMW M9 side view 3

BMW M9 – Pricing notes

While the price has not been revealed just yet, we expect the BMW M9 to cost less than $250,000 which may seem much but it will be the cheapest car to get a carbon fiber construction that will allow it to be more rigid, faster and lighter than its competitors.

The car is likely going to be released in 2017 or 2018 with the market availability starting shortly after.

Because of these performance the biggest competitors will be Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Audi R8.

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